In March of 2008, we were devastated by the loss of Canadian music icon, Jeff Healey. His passing left a hole in the hearts of his family, friends and many fans around the world.

The passage of time has allowed us to re-examine the rich musical legacy Jeff has left us, with his wonderful contributions to the worlds of Jazz, Rock and Blues. Whether his brilliant guitar playing, soaring trumpet, soulful voice, or even the charities he championed, Jeff’s inner light always shone through.

The aim of this site is to highlight all aspects of Jeff’s diverse career and talent and to create an on-line home for all of his many fans worldwide.

This is a living, breathing document that will be constantly growing and evolving.

…and we need you to help us bring it to life.

For more info on Jeff, please check out his Wiki Page:

Jeff Healey

Blind since early childhood, Jeff Healey’s guitar playing virtuosity and soulful voice saw him rise to prominence in the entertainment world in the late 1980’s selling millions of albums worldwide. For over two decades, Jeff would go on to enjoy both a successful rock/blues career and a wonderful jazz music career as well. Grammy nominee and Juno award winner, he was a radio personality, a jazz historian and world famous record collector (owning a collection of 1920’s and ‘30’s jazz 78s that would ultimately top out at over 30,000 records). Jeff Healey passed away from cancer at the age of 41 in March of 2008.

This website is maintained and monitored by the Healey Family Trust. You will find members around the site posting updates to the blog and connecting with people in the forums.

About Us

Cristie Healey:
In the years since his passing, Jeff’s widow, Cristie, has been a tirelessly outspoken advocate for the preservation and illumination of Jeff Healey’s musical and personal legacy… from the memorial concerts to the naming of Jeff Healey Park and now this new project. This site and all it represents has been a true labour of love for her.

Roger Costa:
This project has been a very personal one for Roger. Not only were he and Jeff close friends for over 21 years, he is also a fan. Roger was one of the producers of ‘Jeff Healey: A Celebration’ (the pair of memorial concerts held following Jeff’s passing) and acts as Archivist and Co-Administrator for Jeff’s Estate. He was also Jeff’s best man.

Trista DeVries:
Trista’s company, Magpie Design Co. is responsible for all the outstanding programming and web design work on the site.

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