About This Project

In March of 2008, we were devastated by the loss of Canadian music icon, Jeff Healey. His passing left a hole in the hearts of his family, friends, and many fans around the world. The passage of time has allowed us to re-examine the rich musical legacy Jeff left us.  His wonderful contributions to the worlds of Jazz, Rock, and Blues live on.  Whether his brilliant guitar playing, soaring trumpet, soulful voice, or even the charities he championed, Jeff’s inner light always shone through. The aim of this site is to highlight all aspects of Jeff’s diverse career and talent and to create an on-line home for all of his many fans worldwide. This is a living, breathing document that will be constantly growing and evolving. …and we need you to help us bring it to life. 


  About Us

This website was created and is run by the Estate of Jeff Healey.

Cristie Healey: In the years since his passing, Jeff’s widow, Cristie, has been a tirelessly outspoken advocate for the preservation and illumination of Jeff Healey’s musical and personal legacy… from the memorial concerts to the naming of Jeff Healey Park to the creation of new archival releases. This site and all it represents has been a true labour of love for her.

Roger Costa: This project has been a very personal one for Roger. Not only were he and Jeff close friends for over 21 years, he is also a fan. Roger was one of the producers of ‘Jeff Healey: A Celebration’ (the pair of memorial concerts held following Jeff’s passing) and is Co-Administrator and Archivist for Jeff’s Estate. He was also Jeff’s best man.


World Eye Cancer Hope (formerly known as Daisy’s Eye Cancer Fund)

We’d like to take a moment to give a quick shout out to a wonderful organization that has affected real change through its research throughout the years and is near and very dear to the Healey family, World Eye Cancer Hope. WE C Hope is a research foundation dedicated to helping children with retinoblastoma, the form of eye cancer which took Jeff’s sight as an infant. His son Derek was born with the same genetic mutation that caused the retinoblastoma in Jeff, but thanks to the very real hard work and research that WE C Hope does, Derek was actually diagnosed in vitro and treatment began immediately after he was born. As a result, Derek has been tumor-free for most of his 11 years and has near-perfect eyesight. Less than a decade earlier, such an early diagnosis would have been impossible.