Heal My Soul: Deluxe Edition

CD | Jeff Healey | 2020 | Eagle Rock Entertainment

Produced by Roger Costa (Production Coordinator)
Recorded at Forte Studios, JPC Post, Echosound Studiolabs

Track Listing

1. Daze Of The Night
2. Moodswing
3. Baby Blue
4. I Misunderstood
5. Please
6. Love In Her Eyes
7. Temptation
8. Kiss The Ground You Walk On
9. All The Saints
10. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
11. Under A Stone
12. It’s The Last Time

1. Love Takes Time (4:11)
2. Every Other Guy (3:07)
3. Dancing With The Monsters (4:54)
4. All That I Believe (3:30)
5. CNIBlues (1:06)
6. My Little Girl (live) (3:47)
7. Dust My Broom (live) (7:20)
8. How Blue Can You Get (live) (6:44)
9. I Think I Love You Too Much (live) (5:41)
10. Stuck In The Middle With You/Tequila (live) (5:52)
11. Macon Georgia Blue (live) (5:10)
12. I Can’t Get My Hands On You (live) (3:56)
13. Yer Blues (live) (5:56)
14. Holding On (live) (4:52)
15. See The Light (live) (8:29)

Additional Credits

Executive Producers - Roger Costa, Cristie Healey
Producer/Production Coordinator - Roger Costa

Mixing/Production Assist - Neil McDonald, Paul Kehayas for Echosound Studiolab
Mastered by Phil Demetro @ The Lacquer Channel, Toronto & Neil MacDonald

Tracks 1-5: Mixing/Production Assist - Neil McDonald, Paul Kehayas for Echosound Studiolab, Mastered by Phil Demetro @ The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Tracks 6-15: Mixed & Mastered by Neil McDonald, Digital Transfer - Paul Kehayas

Album Notes

Originally released in 2016, on what would have been Healey’s 50th birthday, Heal My Soul is an extraordinary “lost” album of 12 unheard songs that the guitarist/blues-rock vocalist recorded from 1996-1998. For the very first time, Heal My Soul will be paired with its companion album Holding On — a collection of five additional studio tracks and a live performance from Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway — in this deluxe version.

This album is composed of 12 songs that were all recorded during a unique and unusual time in Jeff’s career… a 3 year period of intense creativity that resulted in many more tunes recorded than could be used on the single album that was released during that time.

This special 2 CD set features several new mixes and revised liner notes. For the first time,Heal My Soul is paired with its award winning companion piece, Holding On!