Holding On: A Heal My Soul Companion

CD/LP | Jeff Healey | 2016 | Convexe Entertainment

Produced by Roger Costa
Recorded at Forte Studios, JPC Post & Live in Oslo, Norway (Rockerfeller Music Hall)

Track Listing

1. Love Takes Time (4:11)
2. Every Other Guy (3:07)
3. Dancing With The Monsters (4:54)
4. All That I Believe (3:30)
5. CNIBlues (1:06)
6. My Little Girl (live) (3:47)
7. Dust My Broom (live) (7:20)
8. How Blue Can You Get (live) (6:44)
9. I Think I Love You Too Much (live) (5:41)
10. Stuck In The Middle With You/Tequila (live) (5:52)
11. Macon Georgia Blue (live) (5:10)
12. I Can’t Get My Hands On You (live) (3:56)
13. Yer Blues (live) (5:56)
14. Holding On (live) (4:52)
15. See The Light (live) (8:29)

Additional Credits

Tracks 1-4: Jeff Healey - Guitars, Vocals - Joe Rockman - Bass - Dean Glover - Drums
Track 5: Jeff Healey, Guitars
Tracks 6-15: Jeff Healey - Guitar/Vocals, Joe Rockman - Bass/Vocals, Tom Stephen - Drums, Pat Rush - Guitar

Tracks 1-5: Mixing/Production Assist - Neil McDonald, Paul Kehayas for Echosound Studiolab, Mastered by Phil Demetro @ The Lacquer Channel, Toronto
Tracks 6-15: Mixed & Mastered by Neil McDonald, Digital Transfer - Paul Kehayas

Album Notes

Holding On: A Heal My Soul Companion’ is a perfect bookend to the critically acclaimed album, ‘Heal My Soul’, and 2016 in general, which saw celebrations of which would have been Jeff’s 50th birthday.

We start off with five rare Jeff Healey studio tracks that were all recorded during the same time period as ‘Heal My Soul’ (‘96-’98). All of the same time and effort was brought to their restoration and revival. These bonus sessions are a must own for any Jeff Healey fan and simply too good not to share.

Having played at the Rockefeller Music Hall several times throughout the 90s, it was always a night to remember for both Jeff and the audience. This fantastic summer concert would certainly be no exception. With Healey Band veteran guitarist, Pat Rush in tow, Jeff and the JHB tore through a set of great covers and JHB classics. This live snapshot of a brilliant performer at the top of his game is a perfect complement to the studio side of Heal My Soul.

Package includes extensive liner notes and many rare candid photos of Jeff on tour.