Hello all!

Welcome to all the new subscribers (welcome back to all the old ones too!) and passers-by now that the site has officially launched!  There’s been some wonderful feedback coming in and we really appreciate it.  Thanks guys!  We’ve got some cool things planned for the short and long haul and we’re really happy you’re along for the ride!

On to business…  Starting Monday (November 5th), you’ll notice some regular features appearing here in the blog section:

Essential Jeff Healey – Every Monday for the next while (barring the odd pre-empting by guest blogs – see below) we’ll be publishing a feature entitled ‘The Essential Jeff Healey’… kind of a beginners guide if you will to the musical side of Jeff’s legacy.  We plan to cover the various facets of Jeff’s musical career.  Some weeks we’ll spotlight a particular album, others a specific song or performance – all of it stuff we feel stands out amidst a wonderful body of work.

What’s New – Every Wednesday, we’ll be posting a summary of what’s been added to the site over the preceding week… photos (some previously unpublished), videos and even the timeline in our History section will be added to and expanded upon as time goes on…

Fan Scrapbook – Every Friday we’ll share stories from fans about their experiences with Jeff and his music in a post called ‘Fan Scrapbook’. If you have a story you would like to share, be it a concert you loved, the time you got a chance to jam, or maybe you met Jeff at a show… maybe it’s a particular song that brings back memories, or maybe it’s just how you like to listen to your favourite album. Whatever it is, we would love to hear it.  Please feel free to submit it HERE. (you’ll need to log in first though…)

There will also be periodic Guest Blogs – These entries will be brought to you by friends and colleagues of Jeff’s, sharing a story or a memory… or sometimes just popping in to say hello.  Some you’ll be very familiar with, others you may not, but I think you’ll dig ‘em all the same.

All this, plus regular updates, special announcements and more!  In the meantime, have a look around and enjoy!

See ya all Monday.