Hello my beautiful people.

Special note today. We’ve been asked to pass on a link by Debbie Phillips on behalf of her grandson Landen (and her daughter Brittany, Landen’s mom).

As many of you know, retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer, robbed Jeff Healey of his sight as an infant. Debbie’s grandson also has retinoblastoma and his right eye was removed when he was just 19 months old to try and stop the cancer. Over 4 years later, Landen is a happy healthy young boy. As he has grown however, his original, temporary artificial eye is now too small and in need of replacing.

Blue Cross have decided that Landen’s new prosthetic is classified as a cosmetic appliance and are refusing coverage.

Landen’s friends and family are asking for help to raise what they can to aid this young boy. The money will help cover the cost of Landen’s new eye plus the medical costs of the eye being finally fitted. He has to be put under anaesthetic for his final retinoblastoma check-up and the doctors feel this would be a good time to fit the eye as well.

On top of it all, six year old Landen is also autistic and having been through so much he really doesn’t do well with doctors…

To find out more, please click HERE and help this young boy if you can.

Peace. ~Rog

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