Bud Healey
December 1st, 1934 – July 6th, 2019


“I would say that every firefighter who worked in the Etobicoke fire department before 1990 knows who [Bud] Healey is. In fact, here in Etobicoke, I’m still HIS son, as opposed to him being known as ‘Jeff Healey’s dad’. And I’m very proud of that.”  Jeff Healey


Hello everyone.

Today we have some very sad news to share.  This past weekend, after a relatively brief illness, Jeff’s dad, Percy “Bud” Healey, passed away.

Bud was a wonderful man, as straight a shooter as you’ve ever met.  He was kind, compassionate and understanding, the real deal, genuine and never any pretence.

He and his late wife Yvonne adopted and raised 3 children, Jeff, Laura and Linda.  Working hard for 30 years as a firefighter, Bud ensured his family always had whatever they needed. 


“Jeff and the girls grew up like they were our own children… People now seem so hung up on having a biological child, when there are so many children out there who need a home. And you can do that so easily – give a child a home and be a parent” Bud Healey (from ‘Labours of Love: Canadians Talk About Adoption’, By Deborah A. Brennan)


The Healey’s unconditional love shaped the man we came to know and admire as Jeff Healey.  They instilled in him a deep set of core values that Jeff used to guide himself throughout his life.  Incredibly proud of his son, Bud was heartbroken when Jeff passed far too young.

Bud & Jeff circa mid-1970s

He taught his son to live without limitations, and that his lack of sight was a logistical problem, not an insurmountable obstacle.  Jeff was raised with the firm knowledge that there was *nothing* he couldn’t do if he wanted it badly enough and worked hard enough to get it…

Bud is survived by his loving wife Rose, his daughters Laura and Linda, his sister Marjory and twin brother Bob, his five grandchildren, four great grandchildren, many nieces, nephews, extended family and friends.

We miss you Bud.

Cristie & Rog