(submitted by: Jo Jenkins)

Hi all,

Just wanted to say that the Jeff Healey concert I went to in Wellington, New Zealand was the best concert I will ever go to.

I missed out on getting a t-shirt due to my ex, but the concert will always stay in my heart and I had an absolute ball.  I have been a fan of Jeff’s since he first started and I also have been in his fan club (The Jeff Healey Band Network) when they use to send hard copy news letters out by slow post 🙂 …I still have them 🙂

I can still remember what I was doing when I first heard his music…. but it took me 6 months to find out who he was, as by the time I looked up to see who was playing and see the credits, they had gone.  Thanks to a very awesome friend, after me telling him all about this band I had heard on the TV, he knew who I was talking about and played a CD for me…. as soon as I heard the first few notes I knew it was him… YAAAAAA I had found who I was soooo desperate to find and have never looked back since.

Jeff and the band gave me music that was sooo good to listen to when I needed something to focus on other than a bad relationship I was in. Thank you Jeff and band, you all gave me hope 🙂

I would like to say thanks to everyone that is making this site for Jeff, you are all awesome people. 🙂

The pic is someone that had a tattoo done… I so am going to get one too.


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