Hey peeps! Welcome! It’s been a while since we’ve shared any updates on SEE THE LIGHT: The Jeff Healey Story‘, the upcoming official Jeff Healey documentary. Rest assured, we’ve not been resting on our laurels.

Between, all the planning, the travel, the interviews, a production team shuffle behind the scenes (more on that in another update)… not to mention the Road House: The Lost Soundtrack release last month… We’ve been pretty busy!

It has been an absolutely crazy cool whirlwind…

A good deal of our time from January to April was spent on the road… Los Angeles (twice!), Vancouver, Victoria, Nashville, Toronto (and some nearby locales), New York City (twice!)… and back again!

We have had the absolute pleasure of sitting down with some of Jeff’s friends and colleagues, some tremendously talented folks and some straight up bonafide music Legends (that’s right, capital ‘L’ and everything…)!!

SEE THE LIGHT: The Jeff Healey Story – teaser poster

And we’ve been cruising through what we’ve taken to calling, “the tour of natural disasters”. Lol! Snowstorm in Nashville, Snowstorm in Vancouver, Flooding and torrential rains in California, Snowstorm in Collingwood… you get the picture.

We are currently on a short break while some other business is being taken care of, then we pick up the shoot again in Toronto during the last two weeks of August.

But, we didn’t want to leave ya’ll hanging so we put together a fresh new teaser for you to keep the juices flowin’!

Now, this is just a taste folks. Most of the footage is only from the first round of interviews… The finished film is still about a year away, but it is seriously going to kick your backsides. Trust me on this.

So, without further adieu… Dig!

There is still a lot of work to do and a long road ahead. We are aiming for a world-wide release in 2025

Updates should be a bit more regular going forward now, so stay tuned!

This is the only official feature-length Jeff Healey documentary. Accept no substitutes! 😁

Peace all!