(Submitted by John Retta)

I, like so many others, found Jeff’s music from the hit single ‘Angel Eyes‘, which applied dead on for my relationship with my then girlfriend, now wife. Though I was never fortunate enough to have seen him live, Jeff’s music has been part of the soundtrack of my life. His rendition of ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps‘ is by far my favorite.

From the professional musicians I know who have met him, I got that Jeff was just one of those “special human beings” we so seldom get to meet in life. His passing hit me as hard as any family member I’ve had and I miss him greatly. I’m not a jazz fan, but have bought all his jazz recordings, simply because they’re his.

I made this power point video for ‘The Damage Is Done‘ a while back, because quite frankly, out of Jeff’s catalog great music, I’ll never understand how this was never released as a single. I found all these pictures on the web. Enjoy.

John Retta

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