“I like to shock people. (laughter) …I love to do that since I was a kid. I used to jump off 10 foot walls and all that …stupid nutty things.” ~Jeff Healey

As 1989 unfolded, the Jeff Healey Band rode the crest of a wave. Their debut album, ‘See The Light‘, was going Gold and Platinum around the world, they’d had a featured role in a major motion picture, a Grammy nomination, Juno Award, Johnny Carson, David Letterman and on and on…

This great radio interview on the eve of a Dallas, Texas gig in March of 1989 captures Jeff and partner-in-crime, bass player Joe Rockman, relaxed and in fine form chatting in the studio with (then) Q102’s Redbeard. It is a unique moment in time as that epic year was just getting underway.

It’s a great, smart, fun interview that clocks in at 17 plus minutes, but it is definitely worth a listen. So get comfy, sit back and enjoy. …and if you feel so inclined, show Redbeard some love and tell ’em JeffHealey.com sent ya.

The interview can be found HERE.