Hello Beautiful People!

A very cool treat today folks. A rare 1997 vid of Jeff jamming on ‘As The Years Go Passing By’ in a Toronto club called Chicago’s. Jeff is sitting in with Chris Osborne (drums), Tom MacGuigan (bass) and Robin Banks on vocals (Robin was one of the many wonderful performers who came out to play at the Rock For Jeff Healey Park benefit last year).

I spent many, many hours at Chicago’s on Queen St. West in the late 1980’s and 90’s… The 2nd floor was a tiny, crowded affair; you literally had to walk through the band to go to the washroom. Serving the booze upstairs was a bartender named Billy. A cool, gruff, older cat, he would fire cans of beer to patrons across the packed room football style. Oh, and he also used to play piano for Frank Sinatra.

While it was around, Chicago’s played host to a tonne of great musicians and some killer jams. It was just across the street from where Jeff was living at the time…


Many thanks as always to über-fan László Kaszás for spotting this gem, and of course thanks to Chris Osborne for uploading it in the first place.