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A quick one today… We’d like to humbly beg your indulgence for a moment so that we may share some great new video clips and some of the wonderful words of praise we’ve received from critics about our most recent project – “Jeff Healey – AS THE YEARS GO PASSING BY: Live in Germany 1989-1995-2000” -the first release of archival material compiled with the participation and full approval of the Jeff Healey Estate!


Here’s what the critics are saying…

“This isn’t just another album, it’s a piece of musical history..”
-Firebrand magazine

“…an object lesson in live electric blues… fitting tribute to a master musician.”
-Guitar Techniques magazine

“A fitting addition to the legacy of a sadly missed talent…”
-Fireworks magazine

“…jaw-dropping solos…”
-Guitar and Bass magazine

“The emotional arc of this collection, from fresh heady beginnings to joyful confidence and determined resistance against an eventual demise, plays out like a classic drama in three acts. At the center of all is the undeniable talent of Jeff Healey an artist who was taken too soon but left us with so much great music to cherish and remember him by.”

“The energy is palpable…”
-Blues Matters magazine

“…this is a box set that is essential, not just for Jeff Healey fans, but for fans of blues in general. There is a raw power, an empathy with the subject matter and a direct link between band and audience that borders on the telepathic that makes these live shows utterly electric. …(this is) a wonderful celebration of a life lived to the full.”

“This box set is all about honesty and the magic of the moment. …It’s a perfect tribute to the life, career and music of one of all the all time greats.”


…and, if you still haven’t seen it yet, please check out this wonderful trailer!

Now what are you waiting for?  Go buy it at the links below (or ask for it at you favourite local shop)! (there’s some great pics of the set as well!)

Buy Deluxe CD/DVD Edition HERE
Buy 3 CD Edition HERE


…and as always, thank you all for your wonderful support.  You guys rock!