Welcome to the latest in our Jeff Healey – Raritiesseries.  We’ll be using it to spotlight various rare audio and video clips of Jeff (…sometimes along with some special guests).

Today in the spotlight we feature an fantastic version of ‘All Along The Watchtower’ Live in Amarillo, Texas 1989 with special guest, guitarist Stanley Jordan!

Known mostly as a jazz player, Stanley Jordan exploded on the music scene in 1985 with his unique and incredibly virtuosic guitar playing. While holding the guitar neck with his left hand in the ‘conventional’ way, he uses his right hand to strike the strings like piano keys in an advanced form of two-handed tapping, creating a distinctive pallet of sound.

“You know, this kind of reminds me of a quote from the great composer, pianist Fats Waller who, when Art Tatum came to one of his gigs one point, he said something, ‘You’ll have to forgive me for being a little nervous this evening, but God is in the audience.’  Mister Stanley Jordan is here with me today!” – Jeff Healey (Amarillo, Texas – 1989)

Clocking in at over sixteen minutes, this fantastic jam highlights the talents of two titans at the top of their game. It’s great to watch these unique players coming from somewhat different directions, yet interacting on a very basic level. Around the eight minute mark, the amazing level of interplay gets kicked up a notch. Jeff and Stanley just click, taking the song in a whole new direction.

“I have no idea how he (Stanley Jordan) does what he does. I really don’t.” – Jeff Healey (in interview with Redbeard, March 1989)

This extended middle break is delicate and transcendent. Jeff and Stanley each taking turns leading the other. The blending of their styles is surprisingly fluid and joyful, each guitarist eliciting beaming enthusiasm from each other’s solos.

A really cool moment in music history caught on tape… Enjoy!

‘All Along The Watchtower’ Live in Amarillo, Texas 1989…

That’s it for today. See you all back here real soon!