Welcome friends,

We’d like to take a moment today to mark the seventh anniversary of Jeff Healey‘s passing.

Jeff may be gone, but he is very much far from forgotten and his memory and legacy continue to grow with each passing day…

Over the past twelve months we’ve continued to hear how much Jeff has meant to you all, here and through Facebook… where we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming another *81,000* of you to our official page (and if you’re on Facebook and you haven’t yet, please pop over HERE and give us a like!) …and our Youtube channel has clocked in over 141,500 views!

It was with great pride this past October that we saw Jeff posthumously honored in an emotion filled ceremony with an induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame (…more on that HERE)

Behind the scenes, we’ve been busy setting some exciting long-term projects in motion and in the short term, we will have some cool news for you *very* soon. We have some great stories lined up here on the site and some good stuff is on the way in the next few weeks… a cool radio show that’s been months in the works, a guest spot on rock legend Randy Bachman‘s new record, a Jazz Wizards reunion to help celebrate Jeff’s birthday later this month and much more as the weeks and months unfold. Please stay tuned, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Thank you all for your ongoing support. All your comments, ‘likes’ and wonderful emails make all of this worthwhile.

Be well,

Cristie Healey & Roger Costa


(Special Thanks to David Leyes for the great pic seen above…)