It’s hard now to remember how many times I interviewed Jeff Healey..

Perhaps it was because I loved his one-of-a-kind one like him before or since.

Perhaps it was because of his wicked sense of humour..

Or quite possibly because of a story he told me right at the beginning..the first time I ever met him.

I asked, of course, about how his career began.

The story he spun was about big time rejection…

How he’d sent his music and his bio out to anyone in Canada that looked like a record label. (some were just post office box numbers)

I THINK he said he got 27 rejection letters but one was just too much.

Some jerk, who called himself a record manager sent Jeff a letter saying, in effect

“you could use a HOOK…something that could be marketed”

Can you imagine? Jeff Healey who had his own singular style but could play like Jimi Hendrix, played with the guitar on his lap or held while DANCING..Sang his ass off and was!!

And this jerk couldn’t see the Hook..this dude wouldn’t know talent if it came up and sat on his head.

When I heard Jeff’s story I said to myself..I’ll do anything I can to get his music and his story out.

I’m so happy I met him. A true gentle man and a gentleman.

Want to talk about the best guitar player ever in Canada? If the list doesn’t include Jeff Healey..then it’s no list at all.

Thank God he left us his music.


terry david mulligan


Here’s a great clip of Terry having a blast with Jeff and Colin James from 1989…

…and here’s a rare interview Jeff did with Terry in 1988, just months before the release of his major label debut, ‘See The Light’…


An aficionado of contemporary popular music, Terry David Mulligan gained national exposure through his television presentations on Much Music and Bravo! while simultaneously carving out a career as a television and film actor.

In recent times, he has been working on a radio show called Tasting Room Radio, as well Terry was named Broadcaster of the Year by the British Columbia Association of Broadcasters.