A note from Cristie Healey:
March is always a difficult month, especially with the 2nd marking the anniversary of Jeff’s passing. However, with it being ‘Healey Month’, we also make a point to celebrate Jeff’s life on his birthday.

Today, March 25th, would’ve been his 53rd and Jeff…….loved to celebrate! I think it’s pretty evident that he liked to celebrate life. One of my favourite things I loved about Jeff was his ability………to have fun. I think his joy affected everyone around him.  As a matter of practicality, he knew our house like the back of his hand.  As a result, I had to be very strategic when it came to hiding his presents. People would be very surprised to know how persistent he was looking for them….and how good he was at finding them!  That also goes for the extra bag of Fudgee-O cookies, which were his favourite. 😊

When I look back over the years, I remember the passion Jeff had for life and how he tried to soak up every minute to the fullest. Whether that be in his music, with friends or with his family. I know he was always grateful for every opportunity he had in life and I think, encouraged others to do the same.

March 25th will always be a bittersweet day for us, as we mark 11 years celebrating without him. We will continue to celebrate though. We will celebrate his love, talent, humor and joy for life……..because Jeff wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Birthday, Jeff……..Love you always. xo

Cristie Healey



CELEBRATION! (…look for Jeff rockin’ it around the 4:25 mark!)