Hello all.

We are deeply saddened to hear that legendary musician, Robbie Robertson has passed away. His influence on the world of music is truly incalculable, and he will be greatly missed. Our sincerest condolences go out to his family, friends, and countless fans around the world.

JHB bassist and co-founder, Joe Rockman, asked us to share this brief note…


“I mourn the loss of Robbie Robertson with profound sadness.

Robbie’s relevance and impact on the music world permeated the conciousness of songwriters and performing artists over decades.

His music also left an indelible impression on a young Jeff Healey and the JHB as we expanded into material beyond our early Blues Rock repertoire, We’d go on to feature Band songs, including ‘The Weight’ and ‘Shape I’m in’. Jeff’s expressive vocal treatment melded his rich baritone rasp with inflections of blues and country. It perfectly suited these classic songs.


This version of ‘The Weight’ was recorded later in Jeff’s post-JHB career…


Jeff and I first met Robbie in 1988 at the TIGRA International Rock Awards in Munich, where he won an award for his first solo record. The Jeff Healey Band won for our debut album ‘See The Light’.

Robbie was friendly and clearly loved Jeff, who lit up while discussing their shared love of Jazz and Blues history. They would continue to run in to each other from time to time over the years.

As for myself, I met Robbie again in 2017 at Canada’s Walk Of Fame in Toronto, where Robbie and Jeff were separately inducted and received “stars” on the downtown sidewalk. Once again he was friendly and engaging while we discussed Jeff’s musical legacy and the Jeff Healey Band’s early performances with Ronnie Hawkins.

As an artist, I count myself fortunate that Robbie has left such an eclectic and inspiring musical legacy, and also proud he was Canadian.

My thoughts go to his family, friends, and everyone forever touched by his music.”



Think I’ll go spin The Last Waltz…

Be well folks.