Welcome all!

Huge announcement today! To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the film ROAD HOUSE, The Estate of Jeff Healey, Sony Music and Mondo Music are proud to present, ROAD HOUSE: The Lost Soundtrack! The COMPLETE, previously unreleased Jeff Healey Band soundtrack to the 1989 cult classic film will be available for the first time ever!

This release will feature all twelve songs used in the film itself (eight of which were previously unreleased) as well as seven additional bonus tracks… songs recorded during the ROAD HOUSE sessions, that have never before been released in any format.

ROAD HOUSE: THE LOST SOUNDTRACK will be available as an extremely Limited Edition run of CDs from the Estate and pre-orders will begin at our official webstore HERE on Monday, April 1st! (We’ll also have some exclusive vinyl bundles as well…)

It will also be available as a double LP from Mondo Music. (Vinyl pre-orders will be on sale at MondoShop.com on Thursday, March 21)

And… all the tracks will also be available on all major streaming platforms on the same day as the physical release, June 7th courtesy our friends at Sony Music!

This project has been simmering for well over a decade. And a great deal of blood, sweat and tears have been poured into this one kids. We’re beyond thrilled that is it finally making its way to you!

We are so stoked to share this special release with you, and so very grateful for the creative control afforded us by Sony Music! They never once questioned our artistic vision. Truly, without them this record could never have happened.

With Sony’s blessing (and endless support), we did a deep dive into their vaults. We were given full access to all the original tapes, the original dozen that were in the film, and an additional seven bonus tracks that were recorded in the same sessions. All have been painstakingly remixed and remastered from the original multi-track elements. Well, all but two songs in which the master tapes had been lost to the sands of time. With these we had to work with rough mixes we found in the vault. These took a little more work to bring up to the same standard as the others, but we hope you’ll appreciate our efforts.

Make no mistake, this is a Healey Estate joint from top to bottom; from audio production and restoration, to extensive liner notes and rare photos. We put our hearts into this bad boy!

So, why the “Lost Soundtrack” you ask? Well, as we said, the ROAD HOUSE film contained a dozen performances by Jeff Healey and his band, however, the official soundtrack released back in 1989 contained only four of those songs. In the thirty-four years since they were recorded, this will be the first time they have all been made available, anywhere. In addition, as I said before, as a cool bonus, we’re including seven songs that were recorded in these same sessions for consideration, but never made it into the film. These extra recordings, unheard for almost thirty-five years, were put to tape as potential film tracks, then … they were forgotten by the passage of time.

So ya wanna know what’s on the album? I thought you’d never ask!

ROAD HOUSE: The Lost Soundtrack

1.  On the Road Again

2.  Confidence Man

3.  Long Tall Sally

4.  One Foot on the Gravel

5.  Hear That Guitar Ring

6.  Knock on Wood (feat. Kathleen Wilhoite)

7.  I’m Tore Down

8.  Roadhouse Blues

9.  Travelin’ Band

10. White Room

11. Hoochie Coochie Man

12. When the Night Comes Falling from the Sky

Bonus Tracks:

13. Killing Floor

14. I Just Want To Make Love To You

15. Red House

16. Around & Around

17. Foxey Lady

18. Back In The USA

19. Angel



That’s a wrap for now! We’ll be back with another update before the pre-orders start on April 1st. And in the meantime, stay safe, and be excellent to each other!