Remembering… A Message From Cristie Healey

5th Anniversary

Hello everyone,

March 2nd is now upon us and is has been five years since Jeff passed away.  While I haven’t been very vocal on the site to date, I continue to be involved in all aspects.  I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone’s involvement with our new official site as you remember Jeff, his talent and what a wonderful man he was.  This day is always the hardest one in the year for me but with the support of family, friends and fans like all of you, it makes it a little bit easier.

The support from fans through our website, facebook and really, all over the world, not only reminds me of what a difference Jeff made, it shows his children what a difference he made as well.  While the loss of Jeff will always be difficult and we will continue to miss him dearly, we are lucky enough to have memories through conversations, photos and live footage throughout his life.  Then there’s his music.  Music is an integral part of my immediate family, as it is for many of you. With many thanks to in-akustik and all involved, the recently released collection ‘As The Years Go Passing By’ marks the fifth anniversary of Jeff’s passing in such a great way.  We are very fortunate that Jeff has left us so much of himself through his music.   As a result, he indeed will always be with us.

Jeff was a remarkable man.  He was a person who really loved life, loved a challenge… and loved to laugh.  I believe these qualities allowed him to pursue his dreams and tell the world “I think I’ve got something you should listen to.”  These qualities also allowed Jeff to not only set an example, but to set a standard of what one person can do, with determination and confidence to face the world on their terms, regardless of any disability.

Along with the enjoyment of his record collection, Jeff loved to play with his children, play cards, eat Cheezies and wear his fuzzy slippers.  The year he passed away, it was a shock for me how public everything was.  After all to me, he was my husband and not the famous musician.  I was, admittedly resentful at first, as most people usually grieve privately.  Jeff was never the stereotype of a celebrity and I think that’s why everything came as such a shock to me.

Now, five years later, I am so grateful that he was and continues to be so publicly remembered.   I’ve learned so much more about of how Jeff affected people when he was here.  While there may have been a time when it was difficult to hear stories, it gives me sheer joy hearing from people about their fantastic experiences with Jeff.

I will be going to visit Jeff today, as I always do on this day.  While I’m quite confident he already knows, I’ll be sure to tell him, “they’re still listening”.

So, on behalf of myself and the Healey Family, I thank you for your support, wonderful stories, memories and most importantly… not forgetting.


Cristie Healey

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41 Responses to Remembering… A Message From Cristie Healey

  1. Alex Ritchie says:

    He brought joy too so many people, everyone I know, always had good remarks to say about Jeff, he will always be remembered.

  2. Cristie

    Thank you for your words it is always difficult to lose a close one but when they are taken so young and with so much more to give it makes it even more difficult to come to terms with – however I must say you are an excellent ambassador for the legacy of Jeff his music and his very presence and I for one I thank you and I am thinking off those closely connected to Jeff today!

    Who knows maybe sometime soon I can share another glass or two of Guinness with you and Rog and we can talk about the great gift to us that was Jeff Healey

  3. Kathy Chappell says:

    March 2 is Jeff Healey Day in my house. Nothing but Jeff Healey music is allowed in my house or in my car. I am a big music lover and fan and Jeff is by far my favourite musician of all times. He could do anything…blues, rock, jazz, folk, cover. I miss him as a fan and I send my best to his family.
    Lets remember Jeff today… a great musician and a great guy.
    Kathy Chappell – Red Rock, Ontario

  4. Alan Hudock says:

    To me, Jeff had two voices. One was his guitar of course. The other was the rich tone with which he sang. Coupled – they were as dynamic as any performer out there. I still have his live performance on, you can tell how long I’ve been a fan, on Laser Disc ;) . I think I’ll listen to it today.

  5. I guess that is the trade off of Jeff’s public persona…

    The comfort of knowing how so many others shared your sense of loss versus the loss of privacy, perhaps when you needed it most.

    Jeff was an exceptional talent whose musical legacy will never fade. Thanks for all of your efforts on this site!


  6. Steve Ashton says:

    Cristie – this is indeed a special day to remember all of the wonderful things Jeff has left for us to treasure. It is “All Jeff Music Day” here in Halifax as we’re thinking of all of you and the big guy.

  7. Jose Matias 1 says:

    Dear Cristie,

    I’m José Matías Acosta from Argentina, Buenos Aires. I wish to tell you how I got to know Jeff. I saw him for the first time in “Roadhouse” a long ago, but then I saw it again last year and was curious to get to know Jeff a little bit more. In Argentina, it’s difficult to get his albums and so I started to search for them on the net through E-Bay and YouTube. Today, Jeff’s music is part of my life everyday, since I always listen to him when I go to work and when I come back home and his story is a great inspiration for me.

    So, in this day, which is so special for your family and you, I wanted you to know how much I admire him.

  8. Jean-Pierre WIEDERKEHR says:

    Thank you so much for those wonderful words. Isaw him five or six times in my life, and it has been a great moment of sharing music each time… I miss him so mutch! Hold on . Best wishes for you and all your family.

  9. Hallo Cristie,
    mir ist damals meine Frau im Alter von 36 Jahren gestorben. Unsere beiden Kinder und ich werden heute noch am Todestag, der bereits 15 Jahre zurück liegt, immer noch sehr ruhig, nachdenklich um nicht zu sagen sehr traurig. Daher kann ich mir vorstellen was in Dir vorgeht. Ich wünsche Dir, den Kindern wieterhin alle Kraft der Welt, um dieses Ereignis gut zu beweltigen.

  10. Diane Dildine says:

    Thank you for sharing with us. Love to you and your family. My husband passed a few years ago, and Angel Eyes was our song. I smile everytime I hear it. I hope you do too.

  11. Brian G says:

    I had the privilege of working with Jeff twice in my Life…..the sad news on this day five years shocked me, as I had lost a cool *Friend*…Gone,but not forgotten, singing with all the Angels.

  12. Sylvie Lapointe says:

    Such a wonderful message Cristie! We miss his laugh so much…. Gone way too young… Xoxoxo

  13. frank p. says:

    Thank You Cristie, my how time flies. Wishing you and immediate family all the best!!

  14. Dear Cristie,

    It’s been so long since I’ve seen you or got the chance to talk to you. I not only think about Jeff every March2nd, but you and Derek as well!! I hope you are both very well and happy, I can only imagine how big Derek is now!! =) I will spend the day listening to Jeff and scrolling through my memories. I miss him every day too! Sending much love, terra~

  15. Chris Smith says:

    What wonderful words. Jeff has been in my life since the day my brother-in-law lent me: see the light, ever since then I have followed Jeff. Through CD’s, Videos, interviews etc. He was such an inspiration and I just loved to watch him with various musicians, and the certain way they looked at him as he played!
    And yes, you’re so right, we’er still listening!
    All my thoughts are with you and your family at this time.
    Chris Smith.

  16. Raunaq Sahu says:

    Today, I happened to come across the video of Jeff performing ‘Look At Little Sister’ with Stevie Ray Vaughan, and I immediately listened to all of ‘Mess of Blues’.

    Thank you Jeff, for all the wonderful music, which sure as hell isn’t going anywhere.

  17. Peggy Wilton says:

    Hello Cristie:

    Jeff, you and the family have been in my thoughts all day. Having said that there are very few days when I don`t remember him. I have a million memories of him, and almost all of them great! lol. Hope you are doing well. xo

  18. A great letter from Jeff’s wife Christy. Thanks for letting us into your lives, We miss the man as you all do,and we think of you every year of his passing, I do weekly Rock & Blues program, and am now doing a Tribute track each week to Two’ of may legends, S/R/V & Jeff Healey. Luv’ his website,and of course, you are the one that ties all of us to Jeff’. Please send your thoughts/Messages to us, anytime you feel like it, we’d Love’ to hear from you. Thinking of you & your family on this sad day. His music will live on, as long as Iv’e got a Radio Program. Regards. “Tecka’. Terry Iredale. Tecka’s Rock & Blues Show’ across Australia on CRN every Sat/Nite via satellite

  19. teresa says:

    his voice and style still touches the soul! thank you for sharing Cristie ,….my thoughts are with you and your family

  20. MicheleK says:

    Thank you so much for taking the time to address us Christie. I’m so glad you have been able to take some comfort in the love and memories that others have of your Jeff. I only saw Jeff in concert once in Philly. Luckily I was in the third row and I recall just being beyond excited. Just like the day I learned of the passing of Stevie Ray, hearing the sad news of Jeff’s passing broke my heart and what little was left went out to you and your two children as well as Jeff’s parents. Thank you for the website and FB presence where we can all remember Jeff and his enormous talent and soul and celebrate it together.

  21. Nickie Hunsberger says:

    Thank you for sharing him with us. I have a copy of a concert he did in London and I love it. His energy was never-ending. He was an amazing musician.
    His time on earth was short, but he left a magnificent imprint while we had him.
    ~Nickie Hunsberger

  22. Rob says:

    Hi Cristie
    My name is Rob. I am from Cleveland, Ohio USA. I have listened to everything I can that has Jeff’s name attached to it. Whether it is his CDs or interviews. My son is 11. Last week I was able to get the album “GET ME SOME” It is awesome. My son RJ likes the song Hey Hey. It is #2. He likes them all but that is his favorite now. I want to thank you for putting all these updates together. I sure it is hard without him. Remember he is always in your heart. He can turn my worse days into a great day just by hearing him jam one of his songs on the CDs I keep in my car. I love to listen to music load in my car. I believe the song SEE THE LIGHT was the song that finally blew my speakers.

  23. Alkemyst says:

    I had not realized it had been five years since Jeff’s passing. I never met the man, never talked to him or saw him live. All I know of him is his music. The joy in his life is evident in his playing. It is little enough, but it is all I can do to remember this amazing musician. To this day, I have tried to get tired of listening to both Jeff Healey and Stevie Ray Vaughan. It’s not working, but I’m having a lot of fun trying…

  24. Louise Pinsonneault says:

    I heard one of Jeff’s songs many years ago, “Angel Eyes” it was sung to me while song playing in the back ground. I fell in love with his music right away. Jeff was an amazing person with such a wonderful talent. I got the chance to meet him while they played in Windsor Ont, I cried out of pure happiness being able to meet him backstage, and have my picture taken sitting beside him, nervous at same time lol. I will always listen to Jeff’s music and I love watching the movies he played in esp; Road House! I will have to look for As The Years Go Passing By ! I understand your grieving and wanting your privacy you had every right to that, its so hard with loss. Thank You so much Cristie for sharing that beautiful letter.

    • Jahenzaib says:

      My heart is breaking. I ask why? I loved his performances and beauty both inside and out. Why God(or) would take this beautiful person from us bewilders me. To me, he had to fight from the start of life and to the end. He gave so much to my life I wish we could have given him his. He is very sadly missed. Much love to his family and children. Connie

  25. Sharen Van Fossen says:

    Jeff Healey was a phenomenal Canadian singer, guitarist, actor, philanthropist & humanitarian. He raised a large amount of money for retinoblastoma cancer & the CNIB. BB King stated that Jeff Healey was the best guitarist in the world and George Harrisson sang harmony with Jeff on Jeff’s album for the song While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Jeff’s incredible legacy and beautiful music will live on forever. Our hearts go out to his family & friends. Please nominate and vote for Jeff Healey to be inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame & share with your friends on Facebook so that Jeff and his family will receive the recognition they rightfully deserve. The link to nominate Jeff Healey is:

  26. KY Moonshiner says:

    I published the song of great merit “Mess O’ Blues” in his honor to YouTube.

  27. Maryke 1 says:

    Hello Cristie … I am so glad that you have set up this site! I remember being so saddened by the news. My own husband passed away one year before Jeff. In fact, the funeral was held on 02 March. I remember wishing I could get a message to you, to say that I knew what you were going through. My husband would have been 46 later in March, and passed away 10 days after cancer diagnosis. I will always remember and love him, as you will always remember and love Jeff. As time goes on, the good memories give way to the pain. “Angel Eyes” was my favourite! Keep living, he would want you to! Continue to be strong. Maryke Mior

    • Irina says:

      I was just watching the Beautiful Noise’ DVD, and thinkin’ about what a great player, and what a great guy Jeff was. R.I.P. Jeff p.s. Voted the Jeff Healey Band Live In Belgium as best Canadian Blues CD Of The Year. ~ Hope it wins!

  28. Janet says:

    Gentle hugs today and always Cristie. I listen to your husbands music often. Tonight while listening to ‘Angel Eyes’ I was really moved. Thinking how this wonderful man is no longer with us here on earth but how he lives on with his music and the memories his family continues to share with us.

    For some reason I did a ‘Jeff Healey’ search and it brought me here. I guess just to say that I was thinking about you and your family today. I love your work with Daisy’s Fund. We had a scare when my son was 3 years old. His picture is used in the white eye reflux/photo challenge. He’s the little guy at the bottom with pseudoleukocoria. We share with everyone we can so that they are aware. I’m so glad to hear your son is well. Continued prayers of good health.

    Much love. Take care of you.
    Janet ~ A fan forever

  29. Peter Brown says:

    Hi to you all, Jeff`s family. The courageous, big hearted, Jeff Healey remains an inspiration to us all, he was a real man. I loved his music from the first time i heard SEE THE LIGHT magic album, then years later, one day i was in the factory working and on the radio came MY LIFE STORY i obviously knew it was Jeff instantly and after the track finished the DJ said, to win his new album what was the title of this man`s first album, i dialled as fast as i could and told them the answer and they said congratulations we can post the album to you or you can come to the radio station to collect it, i said i will be straight there after i finish work, i spent the rest of my shift whistling and went to collect GET ME SOME on the way home, i still keep the congratulations from Mansfield radio UK paper slip inside the fantastic album, i love every track of it, the run down in the lead break on Holding On is awesome! God bless Jeff and all his family x x x x x x

  30. Rick Murray says:

    Mrs. Healey, thanks for sharing your story and for sharing Jeff with us.
    I still listen to his music daily.

  31. Norman 1 says:

    I just want to say that I loved “The Jeff Healey Band”. His song “Angel Eyes” was one of my all-time favorites and even sang karaoke songs to it many times through the years. I just recently found out he had passed. I am sorry to hear the loss and I, as well, will truly miss him and his music, which always will live on in my heart and his CD’s. He is truly amazing and will be up there along with Stevie Ray Vaughn!! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, and I offer you my condolences. Take care and peace. God Bless.

  32. Geoff Pinn says:

    Today, on what would have been Jeff’s 47th birthday, I have received the box set ‘As the years go passing by’, which I can’t wait to get on the player ! What a great way to remember a man who obviously, in his personal and private life, as well as his music, was a real legend. I have been listening to Jeff’s music since the release of ‘See the light’ back in 1988…I continue to listen and marvel at what an innovative talent he was. He will never be forgotten and his music will live forever. Bless you.

  33. Tommy Smith says:

    I had always remembered Jeff from “Road House”, but never thought about his music career until I really got into playing my own music. One day I was picking around on my guitar and saw that RH was on tv. So looked up some of his songs on my computer right then, and was thinking it would be awesome to see if he was playing anywhere soon. Unfortunately, this was in April of 2008. So all I found were the news stories no more than a month old. I felt so cheated….like here was this beautiful voice that would be incredible to go see, and I couldnt now. But his music still gives my butterflies.

  34. Kristjan says:

    Even as far away as the Faroe Islands we miss this great musician. RIP Jeff and God bless you and your family.

  35. Vicki 1 says:

    I have loved Jeff Healey since I visited a friend in Toronto in 1990 and he took me to one of his concerts but didn’t tell me he was blind. I was also privileged to see him in the UK at Leeds as well. Until his death I didn’t realise his blindness was due to Rb which is such a regret as my husband and son both have Rb, as well as my brother in law and niece, and my father in law died in 2002 of an associated sarcoma from Rb. When we married our first song was a choice of two, one being Angel Eyes and if we had known, there would have been no other choice to even consider. I can only thank my Canadian friend for introducing me to Jeff’s wonderful music and I will be a lifelong fan. x

  36. John Sudds says:

    Hi I am the new found father of a childhood friend of yours her initials is D. S .. She has shared some wonderful stories of both you and Jeff . I have gotten hooked with your extremely gifted husband.What a great contribution his music and words have made to all of us. We all are truly blessed by his Courage and showing so many if we really want something don’t just Dream it go out and do it cause dreams do come true with hard work and Determination. Thankyou for Sharing Jeff with so many. You are a Good Person . I was raised in Napanee not to far from your area. God Bless. js

  37. Esa Rasimus says:

    Still have very fond memories playing euchre against Jeff and his father at his 1st stag and his beginning addiction to the never ending lp quest/collection.

    The world lost a true Canadian icon, a father and a real gentleman to those that knew him. God bless

  38. Gregory says:

    Hi, My name is Gregory. I remember seeing Jeff at the Halifax Forum in 1991. My girlfriend insisted on me going to see him because she deemed him as the best guitar player ever. I didn’t even know who he was but after I listened to some of the songs on the radio a seen him live it was truly the best concert ever. I have loved his music ever since and glad to hear he is truly Canadian. He may be gone but his music will live on in the hearts of millions forever. Thanks

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