Hey everyone!

Over the past week we added a new entry in our ‘Essential Jeff Healey‘ series for the criminally underrated Jeff Healey Band album ‘Get Me Some’ and a new Fan Scrapbook‘ entry from Gerd Harder about his experience jamming with Jeff in a small club in Cologne, Germany back in 2000.

In the Video Gallery, we added a great clip for ‘Confidence Man’, live in Brazil from May 27th, 1995 (see Performances: 1990s) and a fantastic video of Jeff with legendary Canadian rocker, Randy Bachman performing ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’, live in London England in 2007 (see Performances: 2000s)

We added a YouTube link to the complete ‘See The Light: Live In London’ concert video in our Music archive section…

…and a brilliant Mitch Ostapchuck shot from Burlington in 2004 was added to the ‘With The Jazz Wizards‘ photo gallery (the same show and photographer of the ‘Last Call‘ album cover). As well, there were two pics added to the ‘Jeff Healey Band Days: 1986-2000‘ photo gallery; one, a rare promo pic of Jeff from the set of ‘Road House‘, the other a shot by Jan Zukowski of Nighthawks fame, taken at the Bottom Line in New York, 1988.

That’s it for now. We’ve got a great new Fan Scrapbook entry coming up on Friday and an cool new entry in the ‘Essential Jeff Healey‘ series heading your way first thing Monday…

See you real soon! Cheers!