~Jeff, Steve Lukather and Edgar Winter jamming in Europe – 2000~

I still can’t believe Jeff has gone to heaven already.  I know he is still deep in my heart and soul.  I was very lucky to have had a brief laugh with him the day before he passed.  I still hold the memory.  I had NO idea that would be the last time we would speak.  However, I got a little chuckle out of him.  I was good at that with him.  I told him I loved him.  I am one of the lucky ones who got to say the most important words.

Jeff and I met many years ago in Europe on tour, doing the jazz and blues festivals.  I was with Edgar Winter and we all just sort of clicked.  I was a fan first but we hit it off.  You know in the kind of way that you can’t explain.  He was an amazing musician and funnier than most people know.

He touched me and we had a connection from the first time we met and we kept the friendship and that was so important to me.  He would invite me up to the club every year to jam and hang. We had many a memorable jam and many, many laughs.  I shall NEVER forget that or any of the time we spent together.

I know Jeff is still with us all and will always be with us.  We had some great times and he was SUCH a great musician… a voice that is missed.

Jeff.  I miss you so much.  Please meet me when it’s my turn.

With deep love and respect,

Steve Lukather

Steve Lukather is a guitarist, singer, songwriter, arranger and producer best known for his work with the band Toto.  An extremely prolific session musician, Lukather has recorded guitar tracks for more than 1,500 albums representing a broad array of artists and genres.  Also, he is a hell of a nice guy…   Steve’s brand new solo album, ‘Transition’ comes out Monday January 21, 2013.  Pre-order yours HERE.   www.stevelukather.net