In February of 1989, a group of Canadian music superstars gathered on stage for the “Stars Shine for Joe Philion” concert, a benefit to help raise money for an incredibly brave young man…

Joe Philion was just 14 years old when the family’s home near Orillia, Ontario, caught fire in March of 1988. After getting his younger brother to safety, Joe ran back into the burning house in search of his mother, who unbeknownst to him, had already left to drive her husband to work. By the time he managed to escape through a window out into the snow, Philion had already suffered burns to 90% of his body.

Despite being in the midst of a major tour of Europe and the USA, Jeff and the band quickly agreed to perform a short set for this worthy cause…

Money raised by this concert and the community helped Joe’s family to rebuild their home and pay for his ongoing care.

Set List:
1. My Little Girl
2. Confidence Man
3. Angel Eyes
4. See The Light

Enjoy! (…and a special thank you to László Kaszás for bringing this to our attention!)