Welcome Folks!

Today is a special day. March 25th 2014, would have been our dear friend Jeff Healey’s 48th birthday… and though another year slides by, his memory and legacy continue to shine ever brighter in the hearts of his family, friends and countless fans.

So let’s all take a moment to remember… Remember and celebrate Jeff’s life!

And as it turns out, we happen to have just the thing to help with that too… Check out this never before seen clip of Jeff performing his hit song, ‘Angel Eyes‘ down at his club, ‘Healey’s Roadhouse’ in Toronto, on December 28th, 2006. Backing him up is the superb Healey’s House Band (aka the ‘Jeff Healey Blues Band’) featuring Dave Murphy on keys, Alec Fraser on bass, Dan Noordermeer on guitar and Al Webster on drums.

This is the Jeff that is in our hearts, laughing, joking, playing beautifully and effortlessly.

(Sending out a special thank you to Mako Funasaka for sharing this vid with us…)

Happy Birthday Dr. Jeffy. Missin’ ya buddy…



JH and JH - Scandanavian tour 2006