Howdy all!

We’d like to wish you and yours the happiest of times this holiday season. Your ongoing support has meant so much to us…

There are some great things coming up on the horizon. Next year, Jeff would have turned 50 years old and we have some huge plans coming up to help celebrate his life and legacy. More on those later, but needless to say, 2016 is going to be a *great* year to be a Jeff Healey fan!

In the meantime, we are *so* stoked to be able to bring you this incredible ‘lost’ Jeff Healey album, ‘Heal My Soul’! It has some of the most powerful and impassioned performances Jeff ever committed to record and we can’t wait to share them with you! It is a pure labour of love that has literally been years in the making.

It was over six years ago that we first started talking about it. More of a “wouldn’t it be great if…?” kind of conversation that never went away. There were some legal hurdles we needed to overcome to clear the path, then came over a year of intense discussions and negotiations. Many months were spent in planning as we sifted through piles of old documents and previewed rough mixes on old cassettes, DATs and CDs. Finally we began digging through the vaults to identify the almost two decades-old master tapes we were looking for. Along the way we discovered some unexpected surprises…

Once we sorted out what was needed, we then had to lug *twenty-four* 2″ master reels (each weighing over 10 pounds!) down to the studio to get them transferred so we could begin the restoration process. This was followed by two wonderful crazy months in the studio, recording, mixing and mastering…

…but it all really began almost 20 years ago when Jeff first played me rough mixes of two of the songs featured on this album. I was absolutely floored and I’ll never forget how especially pleased Jeff was with the vocals he’d recorded for a song called ‘Baby Blue’… *six* different vocal tracks and harmonies in all. Yet as the fates would have it, these and the ten other brilliant tracks on ‘Heal My Soul’ were put aside and left unheard by the world until now.

Over the next several months we’ll take you further behind the scenes with sneak peeks and stories of making ‘Heal My Soul’. You’ll be meeting some of the incredible team of people we’ve brought together on this project… and the work we’ve done so far? Wow. We can’t wait to share it with you.

And there’s still a tonne of work to do, making sure everything from the album to all the amazing exclusive box set extras are just right. (…more on those soon too!)

I think you’re gonna dig it.

So once more, have yourselves a wonderful, safe holiday!

Peace all,


(‘Heal My Soul’ drops in March 2016, but you can pre-order it and the limited ‘100 Watt Stack Edition’ box set HERE from our friends at PledgeMusic!)