Hello Beautiful People!

Today we have an absolute gem to share with you. Here is Jeff Healey with the legendary Les Paul jamming on ‘How High The Moon’ live at the famous Iridium Ballroom in New York City back in 1997! The clip is courtesy of Chris Lentz​, Les’ friend, photographer and personal assistant.

Dig fellow babies DIG!

Wow… I gotta say, that my friends was pretty damn great…

An important part of my job is to seek out bits of Jeff’s history that have fallen between the cracks, gone unseen… and wonderfully, new rarities are constantly being unearthed. It’s so great to still be happily surprised by things like this great clip turning up unannounced. This fantastic performance left a goofy grin on my face all day.

Special thanks again to Chris for choosing to share this one with everyone.

Be excellent to each other. See ya real soon…



Here’s another little bonus gem Chris just dropped on us. Jeff and Les, ‘On The Sunny Side Of The Street’ at Fat Tuesday’s 10/3/93… Dig!