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We are very pleased to announce that we have partnered up with the fine folks at Merch In Motion to provide you with all of your official Jeff Healey merchandise needs! Classic albums, new releases, DVD’s, apparel, memorabilia and more is waiting there for you! Please check out our brand new web store HERE!

Our first project with M.I.M. was last year’s tremendous show. ‘Jeff Healey: A 50th Celebration’. Several different shirt designs were done up (with all proceeds going to World Eye Cancer Hope) and the actual gig shirt itself was so popular, it sold out completely before the show was even over!

Since then, we have had so many requests, that we thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could print off a very limited run of these iconic shirts for fans who missed out? …so we did!! You can now pre-order your very own piece of history, right HERE …and as a cool little bonus, all orders for this shirt will have a Jeff Healey guitar pick thrown in *FREE* for good measure!

Pre-orders will only run until August 1st and once they’re gone, they’re gone folks! So get ’em while you can!

Trust me folks, this is all just the very beginning! There is so much more going on behind the scenes that we can’t discuss quite yet… but I think you’re gonna love it!


More news… there’s been some other cool goings on of late that you may or may not have seen…

I recently had the great pleasure of participating in a trans-Atlantic sit-down with our friend Gio Pilato of the great Bluebird Reviews. We discussed, ‘Heal My Soul‘, ‘Holding On‘, Jeff’s life, legacy and all points in between. You can check it all out HERE.


Now, as some of you Toronto folks may know, the storied Brunswick House (est. 1876!) and it’s legendary upstairs bar, Albert’s Hall were recently taken over by the Rexall Pharmacy chain. In an effort to acknowledge the building’s incredible musical past, an exhibit was set up to honour some of the history of the venue. There were old gig posters, a display of Oscar Peterson memorabilia, a very cool life-size print of guitar legend Dominic Troiano‘s most famous guitar (as shot by photog extraordinaire Dimo Safari!), a cool Climax Jazz Band display and of course a display case with a tribute to our own Jeff Healey. Inside was a mint copy of the original 1986/87 indie single Adrianna/See The Light.

This rare record was sold off the stage in those early club days prior to Jeff’s first major label record deal. There was also an original Jeff Healey signature guitar pick and a repro of a newspaper article that was used in Jeff’s first press kit. It was from 1985 and had a photo of a 19 year old Jeff and Stevie Ray Vaughan jamming together for the first time, live at Albert’s Hall (along with Albert Collins!). It was a gig that cemented Jeff’s reputation as an extraordinary guitar slinger and helped kick start his professional career.

(…an audio bootleg of this exciting session can be heard right here!)

This cool installation will eventually be headed for a more permanent home at Canada’s National Music Centre sometime next year…


Finally, we know many of you here have also been joining us over at the official Jeff Healey Facebook page (almost 165,000 of you, with even more joining daily!). Well, due to popular demand, we’ve been posting a lot of the original JHB videos there. We’ve embedded a few below for you to check out. (…and please pop over, click ‘like’ and hang out to see even more!) Dig!


That’s all for today folks. Thanks for joining us and as always, thanks for your love and support!

We’ll talk to ya again real soon!