10 years…

Where do I start? It’s hard to believe… almost unimaginable, that it has been a decade since we lost Jeff. March 2nd has always been a difficult day, filled with sadness as we think of him. However, continuing to remember him throughout the year and the joy he brought to us, always helps to soften it.

After 10 years, his memory still lives on in our hearts and in his music , which we are blessed to have forever. I try to remind myself that Jeff was about living, always. That is exactly what we’ve been doing. Part of that has been making sure his family, friends and fans continue to have the opportunity to hear his amazing performances through ongoing projects.

Over the last few years, I’ve had the chance to discover new music of Jeff’s that I had never heard before. Thanks to the incredible vision and dedication of Roger and the entire team involved, I was delighted that we were able to share these astonishing works with all of you.

On the family front, Jeff’s daughter has grown into an incredibly accomplished young woman, our son is now 13 and I think they love their father’s music just as much as we do. It’s been so important to me that Jeff’s work is available to his children. Not to sadden them, but to help them never forget part of what made their father the beautiful person he was.

Since his passing, I’ve had the privilege to learn how much his fans care. You have been so supportive and always ready to hear the next new surprise we have in store for you! Your continued loyalty has encouraged us to keep finding new ways to remember him and I thank you so very much for that.

There are so many times we wish Jeff could’ve been here to see the appreciation shown for all he contributed throughout his lifetime. Some of those occasions include the induction into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame, the naming of Jeff Healey Park, a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame and most recently in 2016, a star on The Mississauga Music Walk of Fame.

Jeff always managed to inspire people and the impact he made on all our lives continues. With that in mind, let’s take today to remember Jeff. Remember all he accomplished, all he shared with us, and all he still encourages us to be, despite leaving us far too soon.

I will always love you, Jeff.


Photo © Paul Troiani


This weekend on CBC Radio’s ‘Saturday Night Blues’, Holger Petersen will be featuring a tribute to Jeff Healey with interview clips from Bonnie Raitt, Randy Bachman, Philip Sayce, David Wilcox, Matt Minglewood, Colin Bray, Terra Hazelton, Colin James and the legendary Jack Bruce. Tune in nationwide to CBC Radio at 9pm Saturday March 3rd, or listen online at cbc.ca/radio It will run in each timezone across the country starting at 6pm EST on Radio 2 and 9pm on Radio One…