Welcome everyone!

We wanted to take a moment to wish all of you a safe, healthy and wondrous holiday season!

It is crazy to think that another December has hit us and that 2020 is almost in the rear view. Wasn’t it April just a couple of weeks ago?

For so many of our friends and family out there, this has been a very difficult year full of trials and sadness.  And yet, as 2021 approaches, this is tempered with the sense of hope the dawning of a new year brings.  These year-end wrap ups are always difficult to write and 2020 has been doubly so.  Fortunately, there were still some bright spots amongst the gloom…


Your tremendous, ongoing support of Jeff’s memory and musical legacy has been truly overwhelming.  Just last month we had the great honour of cracking a quarter of a million followers on Facebook!   While over on Spotify, Jeff (solo & with the Jeff Healey Band) racked up over *10.5 million* streams in 2020 and there’s no sign of things slowing down.

The ongoing worldwide pandemic put the brakes on a couple of live projects we were working on this year (as it did sadly for just about everyone else far and wide…). Rest assured however, they haven’t gone away. They’re just on the back burner for a little while.  When we have news to report on this front, we will share it here first…

We were very happy to usher in the re-issue of the critically acclaimed, ‘Heal My Soul’ as a 2 CD Deluxe Edition, thanks to our good friends and partners at Eagle Rock Entertainment. 

This set has finally paired up Heal My Soul with its award winning companion album, ‘Holding On: A Heal My Soul Companion’ (well it was right there in the title…). We also got the opportunity to tweak a couple of the mixes and update the liner notes to reflect the new release. This is the definitive version of this set and we couldn’t be prouder. (Available wherever fine music is sold!)

2020 also saw the release of another incredible record by our dear friend Philip Sayce!  It’s called ‘Spirt Rising‘ and it features a killer version of Jeff’s tune, ‘One Foot On The Gravel’! This phenomenal guitarist/singer/human is a much beloved member of the Healey musical family and a fierce talent. (for more on Philip, check his official bio HERE!) Seek this bad boy out folks, you won’t be disappointed!

Back in November, we were honoured to attend the (socially distanced) unveiling of the newly christened ‘Jeff Healey Production Studio’ at Toronto’s JazzFM radio station. Home to Jeff’s final radio show, ‘My Kinda Jazz’, JazzFM always held a special place in his life. You can read more about it HERE


Looking forward to 2021 and beyond, we have some cool new Jeff Healey merch making its way to our shop soon. We also have some *long gestating* projects that will be coming to fruition in the new year.  Some might seem familiar and some will definitely surprise the hell out of you (hopefully in a good way! Lol)! Mum’s the word for now, but we’re pretty excited and we’ll share as soon as we can.

Thank you again for joining us here friends!  Stay beautiful and in the immortal words of Wyld Stallions… “Be excellent to each other.” 

Catch ya on the flipside.