Welcome one and all.  Today, we remember musician Jeff Healey on what would have been his 55th Birthday, the Double-Nickel!

Jeff’s Birthday serves as a natural bookend to #MarchIsHealeyMonth. The 2nd of March is the sad anniversary of Jeff’s passing. Whereas the 25th gives us pause to remember and celebrate Jeff’s life on the date of his birth.

Since 2008 a rotating group of friends and family have gathered on Jeff’s birthday to share some laughs and stories. A time to catch up and remember.  Usually there ends up being around a dozen of us.  However, that first birthday after Jeff’s passing, it was just me and our dear friend Rob Quail.  I honestly can’t remember anymore which of us suggested marking the occasion, but we both felt it was needed. We got together at a local pub, shared a few drinks and reminisced, thinking  about how Jeff should have been there to laugh with us. It soon came to be an important annual ritual. 

As many of us continue to deal with the effects of the pandemic in day-to-day life, this is the second year in a row now that we are missing that extra connection.

Like last year though, despite the lack of in person contact, there will be phone calls, texts and emails flying through the ether… along with the warmth of shared laughter throughout the day.

Happy Birthday Dr. Jeffrey! It just ain’t the same without ya!


Jeff Healey’s “second bananas” club! All of the ‘additional guitarists’ to play in the JHB, JHBB & the Jazz Wizards; Dan Noordermeer, Pat Rush, Mike Daley, Rob Quail & on the phones, Philip Sayce & Jesse Barksdale. (shot by Eve Kinizo – phone images cleaned up by Pat Rush)


Now, although we don’t really have much news to share today, there are a couple of very BIG things in the works!  Nothing that we can discuss yet as it is all still in the early stages, but we hope to be making some major announcements in the coming months!  I know, I know. I can feel some of the regulars out there rolling their eyes and I apologize for the vagueness… lol. All I can say is that it will be worth the wait. Your continued patience will be rewarded. STAY TUNED!


Over the past little while, our good friend, Hungarian JH Super Fan László Kaszás has graciously been sharing parts of his extensive Jeff Healey bootleg collection online.  Here’s a couple of prime examples for your viewing and listening pleasure (many thanks László!):

Be sure to check out László’s YouTube Channel HERE for more cool live Jeff Healey recordings!


And finally for today… Over this latest extended Covid holiday here in Toronto, we’ve been busy socking away some fresh Blog posts to dole out over the course of the coming year. First on deck is a piece on a rare JHB cover of a classic Buffalo Springfield tune.  Look for it here in a few short weeks!


Thanks for joining us! Stay safe folks and be good to each other…





Jeff sittin’ in with the Pat Rush Band in the mid-’90s in Port Colburne! (pic courtesy Joe’s Place)