Welcome friends. Fifteen years ago today, we lost Canadian music icon, Jeff Healey.

No matter how much time goes by, these memorial posts never get any easier…

Fifteen years. It hardly seems possible. Not a single day goes by that Jeff isn’t thought of, that his music isn’t heard somewhere out in the wild, that someone doesn’t message us to say they’re watching Road House (lol)

Not a day goes by that Jeff isn’t remembered.

Jeff Healey in the studio working on ‘Hell To Pay’


Our dear friend, Jeff Healey Band bassist and co-founder, Joe Rockman sent this special message along to us and we’d like to share it here with you…

“On this day, in remembrance of Jeff, it’s not the Jeff Healey Band I miss, nor Jeff’s astounding, once in a lifetime guitar playing, nor his soulful, passionate voice, where we feel every word.

Today, I miss my close friend and bandmate.

Beyond brothers, as I was his eyes, so to speak, we navigated the touring terrain throughout the 15 year life of the JHB. (Jeff didn’t always make that easy. He had a reckless streak!)

I miss the amazing times we shared when not involved in daily band life. His loss is palpable to me, down to a cellular level, where I feel it behind almost every day of my existence, especially when hearing the music.

I’ll never forget the honour, being close to someone who operated on a genius level in every area of his life. A man of such talent, generosity, heart, loyalty, and vision.

The friendship, what we accomplished, solely with his loyal support, will live on in my grateful heart, and memory forever.

Such memories… I can only count myself truly blessed.”

Jeff Healey & Joe Rockman at London’s Alumni Hall in 1991
(London Free Press)


Another sad bit of news today. It’s come to our attention that JHB drummer and co-founder, Tom Stephen passed away suddenly last Monday night. While Jeff and Tom certainly had their differences over the years, Tom was an important part of the JHB story and we send our deepest condolences to Tom’s family and friends.

Tom Stephen, Jeff Healey & Joe Rockman


Now, some happier news and a couple of quick points of order.

We know you’re sick of hearing it, (lol) but we have been busy working away behind the scenes (honest!) on some really amazing, long game projects that we can’t quite announce yet.  Soon… So very soon… Some of this stuff has been literally years in the making.  Trust me, the payoff is going to be well worth the wait. AND… if all goes according to plan, we will have a HUGE announcement about one of these projects in just a few short weeks! Stay tuned! Your strained patience will be rewarded!


In other happenings, if you haven’t popped by the official Jeff Healey webstore in a while, you should know a whole whack of new and collectable merch was recently added to inventory! Do yourself a favour and head on over. You can check it out HERE!


Finally, tonight, if you have a moment, we’d like to ask you to raise a glass of your preferred beverage, fire up your favourite Jeff Healey CD, LP, YouTube videoSpotify Playlist, etc… and remember.

Peace y’all.