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Here’s what we’ve been up to…  Over the past week we added a new entry in our ‘Essential Jeff Healey‘ series.  This time around, we discuss a Jeff Healey session from the 2006 Ian Gillan solo album, ‘Gillan’s Inn’ …an incredible cover of the Deep Purple tune, ‘When A Blind Man Cries’.

A moving new Fan Scrapbook‘ entry from Healey fan John Retta, was posted, recounting how much Jeff’s music has meant to his life.

In the Video Gallery, we added a phenomenal clip of Stevie Ray Vaughan with Jeff in 1987, live on CBC Television with Double Trouble performing ‘Look At Little Sister’ (…and the quality on this version is miles ahead of the more common one on YouTube). (see Performances: 1980s).  We also posted a fantastic audio clip of Jeff and Lenny Kravitz performing ‘Hey Joe’ – Live In Amsterdam from back in 1990 (see Performances: 1990s)…

Also this past week, we added three great pics to the ‘Jeff Healey Band Days: 1986-2000‘ photo gallery; a fantastic black and white shot by Rob Verhorst from the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam from December of 1988, a cool promo pic of Jeff taken in the lobby of the old Spadina Rd. band house (in either 1999 or 2000)… and a 1990 Hell To Pay promo shot.

And lastly, this bit of coolness made its way to our inbox recently… news of a brand new CBC poll of the “Best Canadian Guitarists Ever”.  Guess who clocked in at number TWO!

Well that’s it for this week.  We’ve got a great new Fan Scrapbook entry coming up on Friday and another fresh entry in the ‘Essential Jeff Healey‘ series heading your way first thing Monday…

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