Hello Fellow Babies!

Welcome to the latest update of recent happenings here at JeffHealey.com! It’s been a couple of months since our last catch-up so we’ve got a fair amount of ground to cover…

But before we get started, we just wanted to mention that we’re coming up on a year since we relaunched the site and we are so happy to have you all along for the ride!

We’ve had some great Guest Blogs from Jeff’s friends and colleagues, and some fantastic stories from you the fans. (and although the Fan Scrapbook has been a bit quiet of late, we’d like to invite you all again to send in your stories and pics if you got ’em. *At least* 150 words would be great, but you can go as long as you like…)

Our official Facebook page (started last July in advance of the relaunch) is booming and it looks like we’ll crack *40,000* fans before the year is done! Thanks guys!

Keep your eyes peeled kids, we have some exciting things planned here over the next couple of months and for 2014 too, and we wanted to thank you all again for the tremendous support you’ve shown us! You rock!

So, as always my friends, there’s lots of fresh coolness for you to explore… so let’s get right to it shall we?

First off, there’s been a new crop of great pics added to our Photo Gallery section…

To the Jeff Healey Band Days: 1986-2000 Gallery we added a great shot of a very young Jeff Healey taken at Chicago’s in Toronto (not as confusing as it sounds – Ha!) in 1985 (© Barry Snapper)

…along with a photo of an even younger Jeff Healey jamming with his bud, Todd Murchison (probably around 1981)

To the Jeff Healey Band Days: 1986-2000 Gallery we added a cool promo shot of Jeff with Joe Rockman from 1988; A promo shot from 1990’s ‘Hell To Pay‘; A rare shot of Jeff jamming with a young Amanda Marshall in 1990 (© Ian Moyes);

…a 1991 shot from the Enmore Theatre in Sydney, Australia; a pic from the April 1993 issue of Guitar Player; and a photo of Jeff taken live in Europe in 1994…

To the Jeff Healey Blues Band Days gallery, we added a shot of Jeff playing drums with Randy Bachman at soundcheck from London May 20th, 2007; a pic from the Rhythm & Blues Night in Oosterpoort, Groningen, April 28, 2007; and a fantastic shot of Jeff with the ‘Jeff Healey Blues Band’ at the Smukkeste Festival – Denmark, 10-08-2006 (© Morten Rygaard)

Smukkeste Festival - Denmark, 10-08-2006 © Morten Rygaard
To our Album section we added an entry for 2013’s critically acclaimed set, Jeff Healey – As The Years Go Passing By: Live In Germany – 1989-1995-2000.

In the ‘Video Gallery: Performances: 1980s‘ section of the site we added some exciting clips…

The full broadcast of the Jeff Healey Band performing at the Misty Moon Cabaret, in Halifax 1989; and Jeff Healey rocking the Diamond Club for the 1988 ‘Squash Hunger’ benefit (featuring the tracks ‘Adrianna‘, ‘My Little Girl‘ and ‘See The Light‘)

In the ‘Video Gallery: Performances: 1990s‘ section of the site we added a clip of the JHB performing the ‘Feel This‘ cut, ‘Lost In Your Eyes‘ live on the Tonight Show in 1992…

In the ‘Video Gallery: Performances: Jazz‘ section of the site we added a swinging performance of ‘Georgia Grind‘ – Jeff sitting in with his pals, the Peruna Jazzmen, live in July of 2000…

There have also been a bunch of really cool blog entries since our last update…

We posted a couple of new entries to our Essential Jeff Healey series:

The incredible Jimmy Rogers session, ‘Blow Wind Blow‘; and the fantastic Jazz Wizards concert DVD, ‘Beautiful Noise‘.

In our ongoing Rarities series we added 4 new entries:

A very cool Texas jam with legendary guitarist, Stanley Jordan; A beautiful live version of the Dylan track ‘When The Night Comes Falling From The Sky‘ featuring the short-lived expanded JHB line-up; An incredible recently surfaced video of a complete live JHB show from the Canyon Club in Dallas;

(…and here’s the first part… Dig!)
…and we posted an audio link to another great show, this time from Harpo’s in Detroit, 1989…

And wrapping up the latest additions, the last few months we were fortunate enough to have a couple of dear friends pop by to contribute some great Guest Blogs:

First, the man himself, the inimitable Danko Jones shared a great story with us about the jam that almost was; and our good friend, Powder Blues founder, Tom Lavin dropped in to share a cool little memory with all of you!

Well, that about wraps it up for now. Until next time peeps… Be excellent to each other!